Q. What are the advantages of training in a modern system as opposed to a traditional system?
A. Most modern systems blend modern principles and concepts, concentrating on defensive strategies for today's society. They also use today's sports science concepts in as far as warm-ups and training methods. Freestyle is user friendly, giving our members the important skills to enjoy life.

Q. How long will it take me to get a Black Belt?
A. It depends totally on the individual, how many sessions per week a person trains and at what pace the person learns. There are 5 belt tests per year with no minimum amount of time between coloured belt testing. You test when you are ready and if you're not ready you wait untill the next testing day. From white to black belt there are 10 levels. Following all coloured belt tests, the student will then prepare for their black belt. This preperation time varies between individuals and during training the student is observed with regards to their learning to see if they are ready for a black belt test. The black belt tests are held at the end of every year, and are undertaken over a course of 5 weeks where the student demonstrates their knowledge of the entire syllabus through drills, application of techniques and contact sparring and grappling. Clubs that promise black belts in a certain amount of time are not caring for the best interests of the students. People learn at different levels, and although a black belt is a goal for many starting in the martial arts, you need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge and application of the techniques in order to progress through the ranks. There is no point in being a black belt, but having little understanding on how to actually apply what you have learnt.

Q. Are discounts available if more than one family member trains?
Freestyle Combat has generous family discounts as we see ourselves as a family orientated club. We want to attract families and make training as affordable as possible. Please see the fees page for more information.
Q. Do you encourage your students to enter Martial Arts competitions?
A. No. Freestyle is a true self-defence system, and is not a sport in any way or form. Our goal is to teach members to defend themselves in today's violent society, not to compete in tournaments using techniques that could get you hurt on the street. That being said, we do not disallow students from competing if they so desire.

Q. How many sessions per week can I train?
A. Currently the Mernda club holds two sessions per week. Students can train at every session.