Australian Freestyle Combat

Developed in 1979, Freestyle Combat is one of Australia's, if not the world's most complete and practical systems of self defence / self development.

Not all Martial Arts systems are the same..

Master Instructor Mick Nicholls has spent a vast amount of time and Energy developing this diverse, dynamic system which blends concepts, techniques and principals from some of the worlds most practical and often exotic martial art systems.

Freestyle is a true mixed martial arts system that blends together Karate, Filipino Kali (as seen in the Jason Bourne movies), Western Boxing, Filipino Panantuken (street Boxing), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Israeli Tactical Krav Maga, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Worden's Combative's along with traditional values and modern principals.

Our Primary Goal is to develop confidence, tolerance, discipline, positive demeanour and mind set, self esteem and self control, all important virtues for self protection. Freestyle is for those interested in what works, rather than what looks pretty.

At Freestyle we have no interest in competition, instead we concentrate on developing our members personal defensive skills.

All this in one system..What else could you ask for?

Take up the challenge and change your life forever.

Freestyle is a member of the Australian Kung Fu (WU-SHU) Federation and the Martial Arts Industry Association (Both these organisations are recognised by the Australian Sports Commission) and classes are conducted under the strict guidelines as set down by these peak bodies in as far as class safety and Instructor qualifications, Our Instructors hold a minimum of Level 2 First Aid and Level 1 Coach.

Self Defence is important as society becomes more complex. We read and hear accounts of violence and infringement of social morality. It is therefor necessary for everyone to learn to protect themselves and their loved ones, it's no different than learning first aid or putting on a seat belt when driving a car.

Freestyle is a family oriented self defence system designed for both sexes and ages. Our classes are taught in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and designed for people to learn and have fun in a very safe environment, our classes are taught by qualified, professional, dedicated and caring Instructors.

Striking and kicking skills are developed on Focus Pads and Kick shields, allowing for development of effective skills and power with no risk of injury. Students also learn Kali, this unique system has an added benefit of training the right and left hemispheres of the brain to work together for coordination in the drills and an added dexterity of motion, which is quite hard to develop in traditional styles. In short Freestyle is extremely practical, a great all round exercise for a healthy body, great for coordination, uncomplicated and easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages and genders.